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First pen blanks made out of left over Oak lumber.

First pen blanks made out of left over Oak lumber.

When I got started in woodworking I was incredibly confused about choosing wood. In the above video, and in the article below, I share what I've learned about the basics of choosing lumber for woodworking. I want to save you time and head aches in trying to understand lumber!

Best video & article I've found on understanding lumber! How to Choose Lumber for Woodworking (Diy Wood Work Articles)


Tidbits from the Tremaynes: What My Boy-Toy Will Do For Me. DIY: Lumber Storage System Tutorial ~ This is awesome! The slots allow you to organize horizontally & vertically, keeping lumber off the floor & similar lumber together & it's on casters!

When you're building projects with dimensional lumber (2x4s, etc.), remember that the actual size of a board is always smaller than its "nominal" (stated) size. You can use this chart with common board sizes as a reference for your next project.  via Kreg Jig

WOOD SIZES - When you're Building Projects with Dimensional Lumber etc.), Remember That the Actual Size of a Board is Always Smaller Than its "Nominal" (Stated) Size. You Can Use This Chart with Common Board Sizes as a Reference for your Next Project.

Tips for Buying and Using Rough Lumber Buy smart to get the best deals and the best wood. By Tim Johnson Start out thick Rough lumber thicknesses are measured in 1/4-in. increments. The thinnest rough-cut boards, labeled 4/4, and called four quarter, are 1-in. thick. It’s tough to get surfaced stock thicker than 13/16-in. from 1-in. rough stock. Plan to lose 3/16-in. (1/4-in.on thicker stock) when you plane a roughsawn …

19 Tips for Buying and Using Rough Lumber

selecting lumber for best results, woodworking projects

Selecting Lumber for Best Results

Use this formula to order framing materials One stud per linear foot of wall. Five linear feet of plate material (bottoms, tops and ties) per linear foot of wall. It’ll look like too much lumber when it arrives, but you’ll need the extra stuff for corners, window and door frames, blocking and braces. Set aside the crooked stuff for short pieces.

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Use this formula to order framing materials. You don’t need a math degree to estimate framing materials for walls. Here’s a formula that works every time, no matter how many doors, windows or corners your walls have: One stud per linear foot of wall.

~ the love of wood ~: Further thoughts on the lumber rack...

scrap wood rack / really like this but I would struggle to get wood off the top. Need this in Mike's shop

Ladder Lumber Rack I organized all my short boards by turning an inexpensive 6-ft. stepladder (about $30 at a home center) into a lumber rack. Now every board is easy to see and reach. My ladder didn’t have treads on the back legs, so I screwed on wooden cleats that align with the treads on the front. I connected the cleats and treads by screwing 1/4-in. plywood shelves on top. …

Ladder Lumber Rack

Ladder Lumber Rack - Woodworking Shop - American Woodworker Inexpensive, creative solution for wood storage. For the basement?

Chisels and Gouges 101: An Introduction to Basic Woodworking Tools #infographic

Chisels and Gouges 101: An Introduction to Basic Woodworking Tools #infographic