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Daddy and poop

Daddy and poop

What beautiful eyes!

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

OML I'm dying, this is a GORGEOUS dog, whoever thought pit bulls are dangerous never owned a Shepard, Shepards are more likely to go rough than pit bulls

Pitbull puppy enjoying the sun

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

Do you want me to squee? That's how you make me squee. - Imgur

Do you want me to squee? That's how you make me squee.

This is my favorite pattern on a pitbull. I grew up w/ Rottweilers, their patterns are pretty similar in the way look around their chest & snout.

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I have three pitbulls and they are the sweetest living things on earth. I don't understand why every body is so terrified of all pitbulls. They are like every other sweet dog unless someone trains them to be mean.

Pit-bull Lovers and Advocates - Community - Google+

My kali baby is the supreme protector of this household. yet the most gentle giant & loving Doggie to my babies. with little SoSo the MinPin running behind her barking at everything lol ❤️❤️