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Color:Green and Black Size:Medium- Reaching up to inches or larger. Locality:Found in the rainforest of Panama near Ancon Hill Difficulty:

Dart Frog Connection - Pumilio Cayo de Aqua Color: Blue/Green  Size: Small- Reaching up to 1 inch or larger.  Locality: Found in the rainforest of Panama  Difficulty: Intermediate  Temperature: Range between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit  Humidity: 60%-80%  Behavior: Bold- Arboreal- Loud Call- Obligate Egg Feeder  Terrarium Setup: 1 square ft per frog- Arboreal  ***Likes Bromeliads

DartFrog Connection specializes in captive breeding dart frogs and dart frog products.

Capira morph dendrobates auratus

Capira morph dendrobates auratus


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Tropical Rainforest Biome: Plants and Animals

Day 181 Beautiful World: blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus) - listed as Vulnerable, but if rainforest deforestation continues, its status will become more critical.