1993 Palm Springs High School Yearbook via Classmates.com

1993 Palm Springs High School Yearbook via Classmates.com

THIS is how we checked out a book from the library!  We also looked up books using the card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system!

Remembering to Return Items to the Library

This guide is about remembering to return items to the library. Are you singlehandedly supporting your local library when you pay your late fees? Want to find a way to get your checked out materials back on time?

"My granddad was really into carpentry, and I remember as a kid, he bought me a little basic toolset with a saw and a tiny drill—I was probably about five or six. I used to mess around and cut up pieces of wood—not really making anything, but I liked to feel like I was doing something." For this UK-based woodworker, a side project to pay for a wedding snowballed into a full-time creative business with four employees.

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I remember these. I'd always try and push down all the colors at once or just take off the lid and do multi coloured swirls.

50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget

I had a pen like this! All the ink colors in one pen. ~ Was i the only one who tried to push them all down at once?

I had one .... sooooo forgot about these.

32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

I remember it all... I'm not letting go. Wish we were somewhere just the two of us, just enjoying each other like we used to... I miss that... I miss YOU

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That night on the island, under the trees. I'll never forget it. The most exciting night of my life. It was scary and intense and so worth it. I'll never forget you, Tracy. I will always love you. We'll see each other again.

wow. i remember this from the 90s. it came with a tape to listen to and it was TERRIFYING. just-cool

38 Things You Will Never Experience Again

Better Book Titles - Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell: Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark - Holy Crap, I remember reading this in elementary school!

Alton Brown's Pancakes: When I was growing up, pancakes were a culinary rite of passage. I remember my first batch.

Alton Brown pancakes - My approach is to make up a big batch of the dry ingredients as a kind of almost-instant mix, which you can always have on hand. When it comes to cooking, it’s tough to beat a nonstick electric griddle.

You know what would be the best present in the world?  If I got all of Lizzie McGuire on DVD...I'd watch it every day!!!

25 Important Fashion Lessons From "Lizzie McGuire"

The Lizzie McGuire Movie.I vividly remember this moment and Gordo's face.

I this, on all my school books and copies and I remember using whatever wallpaper was around the house :)

50 Awesome Things From The 90's That We All Miss

DIY Paper Bag Book Cover >> this was on all my elementary school books!