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Imagination...think and imagine yourself Happy...

Swinging on the moon. Really cute for a little girls room. // Yes, this would be perfect for a mural in her room.

loVe from up above by Amanda  Cass

My Evening Star Bright Angels Samantha Keille Ann " Bina B "N Colby Edward James " Sebby C " 305 Mag Pie Sunrise

Process: Emma Block I Ten Paces and Draw (digitally collaging traditional watercolor, acrylic, and art paper)

Creating components of a big picture like a flower shop window, small lino blocks of flower pots, vases, buckets with flowers in, and building up a print with all the images. Emma Block - the flower shop

Aaaawww baby storm cloud... wait does that mean they're peeing

If only we had more "diaper clouds" in Manchester, UK! > Diaper by Laser Bread

Your in my view when the night is clear , When clouds are about you will disappear , As your not alone your with others too ,  Where your among the moon as i view ,  You are a five figured shape that is afar , You shine like a diamond when it is dark , A silvery colour that shines in the night , Glistening star you are that beams so bright , ©Val Webb 2013 www.facebook.com/...

Angel, cover me with stars that keep me bright and shiny in the midst of what seems hard and closed.

Lilac & Lavender: September Moon. This is a wonderful blog for clip art and sweet sayings.

"Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night." ~ Hal Borland ~ September Moon ~ in sepia Great Idea!


GOODNIGHT PIC Ian, when I look at this I see a moon with bulging eyes staring at the star with crazy teeth, not a little girl sleeping.

Night Magic ~ Illustration 2012 by Michal Dziekan <> (sun, moon, stars state of mind)

May Peace, Love and Happiness overflow our hearts  one to another.  (Unknown)  via Sam Carlo

We live on separate worlds, men and women, the separation being our inability to communicate effectively in light of our different perspectives on life.An image is the better quote♥