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low riders are for boys who cant get it up! hahha so true

Truck talk

we all hate Nissan at the end of the day. I feel as if it should be more accurately, Honda though with their little ugly 'truck' thing. what even is that thing?

He's got s truck.


Mudding is one of my interests. Some people think its nasty because you flood a field for a month and go ripping through it with a truck or a fourwheeler. if you haven't tried mudding, I suggest you do. I have been going mudding since 2007 and have we

All chevy's now need 5 Ford's and 5 Dodge trucks to make a big family lol. one breaks down got back. a family member or friends needs a truck got others to drive. weecked one NP got plenty back up lol. just need a place to park them all HA HA!!!

Bearded Skull Hitch Cover

Awesome trucks lined up

Hellz yea!

Gotta get that truck someday.

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I would love to see one of these trucks.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck - I would love to see one of these trucks.

Thank You! Its about time somebody else call it out! A Honda does not count as a truck. Ram, Chevy, Ford or GMC are the only real trucks!

Honda Ridgeline - it's not a truck! It's an SUV with a birth defect.

Looks so much fun and its a dodge <3

Just spraying some Prius Repellent -- lmao this is actually pretty funny.

Chevy pride, Ford sucks. Ive turned many Chevys over into 300K

Chevy pride, Ive turned many Chevys over into

and horses

Dear Lord, Thank You For Trucks, Cowboys & Country Music

Yea but pretty sad that the ford guy is gonna have to walk

Yeah but I bet a Toyota can go threw any mud pit better than any chevy ford dodge or gmc plus you can beat the crap out of Toyota's and they will still last forever. Meanwhile Fords are found on road dead and fall apart not even halfway threw a mud pit!

hahaha I could see my boyfriend saying this!

only in a cummins will do that!

beautiful ♥

Chevy Silverado and a hot girl

Things you cannot do in a car<3 Trucks are sooooooo much better ;)

things you cant do in cars