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Lingen Papilio Machaon Butterfly

Schwalbenschwanz (Papilio machaon) on by Bernd Flicker, Deutschland

Papilio thoas butterfly (Citrus swallowtail) by butterflyman minster

If I'm in danger .what I'm suppose to hole up in here.let him keep controlling me? Papilio thoas butterfly (Citrus swallowtail) by butterflyman minster

Monarch by Rebecca Raybon

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Swallowtail by Lori Deiter.  Les MACHAONS (sous-famille papilioninae) sont de grands papillons colorés que l'on voit partout en Amérique du Nord. On les appelle «porte-queue»ou «queue d'hirondelle» à cause de la forme paticulière de leurs ailes postérieures.

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Anna maria ripa – Google+

Tanzanian Diadem Butterfly (Hypolimnas antevorta) endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania

Bildergebnis für schöne schmetterlinge

BLUE MORPHO BUTTERFLY: blue-morpho-neil-doren This butterfly species has a metallic blue color. Blue Morpho Butterfly, has a wingspan of up to 8 inches, they are found in Central and South America and inMexico.