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This reminds me of how I feel when I skip too many meals or when I have to listen to ignorant people. Don't mess w me. Lol!

These eyes remind me of the eyes of Dr. They're very intimidating to many people and they symbolize the eyes of God. always watching you.

Here I liked the back light in the moss and the snail laying there like a colossus. Snail On A Moss Bed

Schnecken sind nicht gerade die Lebewesen, an die du denkst, wenn es um aufregende Tierfotografie geht. Aber gerade um die schleimigen Weichtiere kümmert sich der ukrainische Fotograf Vyacheslav Mishchenko. In seinen Bildern, die er im natürlichen Lebensra

Faszinierender Einblick in die Welt der Schnecken: Fotos von Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Beautiful photos of snails captured using a macro lens by talented Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko. Snails were photographed in their natural

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For several years, artist Stefan Siverud has been decorating snails' shells with colorful, eye-catching designs for his Snailpimp proje

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“A Snail's Life”. Photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko captures gorgeous macro photographs of snails near his hometown of Berdichev, Ukraine. After being taught to hunt for mushrooms as a child, Vyacheslav has grown up with a keen eye for spotti.


With 25 Photos, This Man Completely Changed Everything I Knew About THIS Tiny Creature.