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Odd Town by Priss

Odd Town by Priss

Un bouquet pour exprimer ma gratitude – Scrap with Steph

Un bouquet pour exprimer ma gratitude – Scrap with Steph

In case you don't want to carry scraps across the kitchen, here's a great idea used at restaurants, now employed in the home kitchen.

This needs more attention…

Every geek and / or foodie who loves cooking needs this clever invention in the kitchen. Your a foodie. What do u think?

Here's a good way to compost & enrich poor garden soil when you have space in your garden & don't yet have a compost bin.  Dig your trench, fill it with kitchen & garden scraps & dried leaves/twigs/small branches/wood mulch. Water in well, cover over with the dug out soil, and leave for some months, before planting into your new, nutrient rich garden plot!

How to Compost Food Scraps

Good info on storing food scraps until ready to go and Easy composting - trenching and raised bed integration. Great microbial activity which promotes earthworms, gives you amazing soil that you could never buy anywhere else and reduces waste.

The key tips here are creating a focal point, using the rule of thirds, creating balance and aligning evenly with space.

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