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Make a lichen garden

Lichen Gardens

Lichens are incredible organisms. A lichen is a composite organism that arises from algae or cyanobacteria.

I told a Ridge Runner on the Appalachian Trail about this 5-gallon bucket trick with antifreeze as an inexpensive mouse trap. The antifreeze works in colder weather and "preserves" the mice so they don't smell as much. A quick way to a mouse-free shelter on

Easy Homestead: Self-Resetting Mouse Trap. Bucket, dowel, can, peanut butter. No liquid in the bottom for live trap.

Test Your Soil's pH with Vinegar: Sprinkle some vinegar on a handful of dirt. If it fizzes, the soil is alkaline. Need to check this out!

10 Uses for Vinegar

Test Your Soil's pH with Vinegar: Sprinkle some vinegar on a handful of dirt. If it fizzes, the soil is alkaline. (Much better than blending up cabbage for a pH indicator)

I guess anything can be used? Lol!

25 terrários lindos que você tem que acrescentar no seu Pinterest

This time Ive used an old coffee plunger to create some de(er)caffeinated coffee- mind the pun.Using an unusual or common household item as opposed to a jar can instantly make a terrarium more interesting. Terrarium and photography by Zik

macetas de madera - Google Search

If you live in an apartment or do not have much room to garden, then use a garden pyramid to plant all kinds of things. They can work on balcony's, backyards and in the home. Space saving ideas for gardening.build up.

Weave Traditional Chair Seats Traditional techniques and modern materials produce attractive, durable results. by Tim Johnson Visit any antique or second-hand furniture store and you’ll find great old chairs—such as these solid cherry ladderbacks—that are bargain priced because their woven seats have worn out. In fact, any chair with round rails or dowels used to form the seat frame can have a splint or a rush seat installed. The choice …

Traditional Woven Chair Seats

Wonderful re-purposed wine bottle

Wonderful re-purposed wine bottle

Worm tubes: drop in kitchen scraps and compost directly in your beds. -- love this!

Camp Wander: The Wonderful Worm Tower - Square Foot Garden Friendly! This is a really cool idea.

Check out this awesome new trend of moss graffiti.

How To Create Your Own Wall Designs With Living Moss

"Painting" with moss! This Guy Did The Coolest, But Possibly Most Illegal, DIY Project Ever. The End Result?

How to grow your own mushrooms at home

Choose the mushrooms you want to grow : The most popular choices of mushrooms are shiitake mushrooms , oyster mushrooms and white butt.

How to Build a Greenhouse With Old Windows. #gardening #greenhouse

Greenhouse From Old Windows

Alternative Gardning: Build a Greenhouse With Old Windows. I would do this if I had a bunch of old windows laying around.

Une bonne idée de construction pour une serre de balcon - Photo : Fashion.sohu.com

Construire une serre avec des bouteilles en plastique !

Planting seeds in eggshells

Planting seeds in eggshells

Save your large egg shells next time and plant with seeds. Once plants are large enough, just transfer the whole egg into the ground. The shell is actually a great fertilizer and the roots will be able to break right through.