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Fan Art Already

SOOOOO sorry for the spoiler-y art, but yeah. RWBY happened and I had to draw this woman. The FNDM is losing its shit over her and I can't blame them. No Brakes

Tales of RWBY Anime - Raven Branwen by ViviSaphira

Yeah I was too lazy to draw all her bead necklaces in or the extra straps but hope this is good enough! Tales of RWBY Anime - Raven Branwen

顔芸モアイ on Twitter: "とうとうコミケも最終日! 最後の戦が始まるぞ!朝の始発組に 混じってGO…

顔芸モアイ on

Now THIS, is what the RWBY trailers should've looked like! Of course it'd be false advertising and Mercury gets very upset by that.

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