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Since ancient times the tree has been a symbol of life. Growing toward the heavens with roots that sink deep into Mother Earth, the tree is for me also a symbol of balance - As Above, So Below.

As above, so below

Or you *could* say "on Earth as it is in Heaven", if this phrasing bothers you. It's the same thing. -- Witch Garden: ~ "As above, so below.

Celtic tree & knotwork

Tree of Life Art :: Druids Trees: The Tree of Life and Celtic knotwork. I like the way they did this tree of life more then the usual way haha :)


Sarah McCrum: “Your spiritual education is your responsibility. No one else is going to overcome your ignorance except you.

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When warmth, love and compassion springs from a place of unbounded energy and intelligence, then it is intense and authentic.

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Sygils are intentionally complex and detailed, allowing you to concentrate and focus your intent while drawing them.

Roxy’s Universal Law of the Week–The Law of Gender This law is the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) of life, making them the basis for all creation. As spiritual beings we must balance the...

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