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Highlights always had these at my doctors waiting room

Highlights magazine wasn't just for doctor's office. I was lucky enough to have a subscription to this magazine and I loved it.

Doolie bobs from childhood

Ponytail holders - I both loved and hated these as a kid - half the time i'd try to use one and it would snap back and smack my knuckles =( these hurt like hell!

Pizza Hut

I loved eating in the old Pizza Hut Restaurants having Fresh Pan Pizza delivered to your table

Mix of bath pearls. #80s #90s #childhoodmemories #nostalgia

Bath Beads (we called them oil bubbles). Bath and Body Works had the best ones!

I do! It was fun until the whole swing set fell over.

My friend Carolyn & I swung so high we toppled the swing set over.We survived,got the wind knocked out of us. We were much more careful after that incident.

I didn't get cereal very much. But when I did I always made sure it had a toy in it :-)...

We each got to pick our own cereal and always picked one with a prize! Also read the back of the box while eating the cereal!

I hated these. Linda would pull my hair so hard, just being mean. I was later called Jap Eyes.

Beauty Nostalgia: Did you rock hair bobbles as a little kid?Yes and the pain of your mom brushing your hair in a slick pony tail and twisting these things around your hair ----- LOL

Pencil Grips - I used to chew on these... lol

Black Friday 2014 School Smart Triangular Vinyl Pencil Grips - Pack of 25 - Assorted Striped Colors from School Smart Cyber Monday. Black Friday specials on the season's most-wanted Christmas gifts.

used to ride our bikes to the mini-mart to buy these.... we thought we were so cool

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.