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george-beveridge-with-paulette-and-wayne-higgins-up-of-mi-with-chain-saw-carving-by-grizz-works-of-maple-wi.jpg 800×1,067 pixels

george-beveridge-with-paulette-and-wayne-higgins-up-of-mi-with-chain-saw-carving-by-grizz-works-of-maple-wi.jpg 800×1,067 pixels

37 Things You Should HOARD In Case of a Crisis : it takes only 3 hours after a crisis for these grocery items to be sold out. A simple yet amazing grocery list..

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

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Reusable condom made of fish bladder, 1900s

βαʈʈყ'ʂ Ƒɽҽҽ ᏣℓᎥɲᎥc old reusable condoms made from fish bladder. At that time were reusable to an estimated amount of 10 times.

Alaskan Saw Mill

Alaskan mkiii chainsaw mill attachment, mini mill, portable chain saw timber mill

Purple cake shors

Purple cake shots at a Mardi Gras Party hmmmm maybe jello or purple pudding shots?

Mardi Gras Punch - make with 40oz. grape juice, 2 liter sprite, two sliced limes and two sliced lemons (MG colors are purple, green and gold)  Vodka is optional.

Mardi Gras punch: Ice 1 bottle grape juice 1 can unsweetened pineapple juice 1 bottle lemon-lime soft drink 1 fifth vodka or more, to taste 2 oranges or lemons 2 limes. Omit vodka for family friendly

Smoke house plans - ruggedthug

Cold smoking takes a few days, to a week to properly smoke food. The heat source which creates the smoke is far from the food, so it does not cook. This is the difference between hot smoking on a grill, which cooks the food with a light smoke flavour.

This is a larger picture of a Goldschmidt toad that has a mutation that caused its eyes to grow inward into its mouth.  Therefore it needs to open its mouth to see.  It was found in a garden in Canada.  I pinned this picture before from the cover of a book, but this is a larger picture.  Amazing!!!

Mutation causes frog to grow eyes inside its mouth. So it needs to open mourh everytime to see