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Baby Spider-Man by silberto67

Classic Paintings Recreated With Modern Comic Book Superheroes

How to stop procrastinating and get your art project done - tips for high school art students

How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Art Homework Done

Student Art Guide: This NZ website has been created to help high school art students excel.

wonder woman | Wonder Woman, bring back the legs, the muscles, and the flag, please

Wonder Woman, bring back the legs, the muscles, and the flag, please

Super Heros dans des classiques de la peinture  2Tout2Rien

Super Heros dans des classiques de la peinture

Modern Renaissance Super Heroes pictures, pictures of modern Renaissance Superheroes

Superhero Fine Art Photoshop | The Mary Sue

Photoshop Submission for 'Superhero ModRen Contest

Second out of my three top favorites from the DisneyParks celebrity campaign (Snow White: "Where magic speaks, even when you're not the fairest of them all")

Disney Dream Portraits: Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen with her Magic Mirror, Alec Baldwin. Wallpaper and background photos of Disney Dream Portraits - Evil Queen & Magic Mirror for fans of Annie Leibovitz images.

Art therapist: Fiber work relaxing: "Textile techniques, like crocheting, knitting and weaving, are relaxing and meditative" ~ Kelly Darke

Kelly Darke holds up two of the fiber art buttons that she makes. She sells the creations at on her website, an etsy shop, and at Live Coal Gallery.

Animated street photography by Nicolas Ritter

Subtly Animated GIFs of London Street Scenes Focus on One Person

English photographer and graphic designer Nicolas Ritter has created a series of works called «One


hosts a variety of photo-editing and illustrative contests. One of their contest series, Superhero ModRen, challenges users to incorporate superheroes into fine art pieces. It’s fun to see the contrast of modern characters we know and love placed in…

Superheroes Get The Classic Art Treatment In Worth ‘Superhero ModRen’

Annie Leibovitz, Anna