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Willie Robertson, i love Jase better tho.

No, if ya ever fart in church or sing or play drums in the church band, Corby not only farts on ya, but gets blackballed from church for being a real hyposhit for brains cuz he claims to be a CHRISTIAN after cursing others and showing hostility even to his very own DAD!  What a HYPOCRITE!  CORBY gets SLAPPED by the Pastor and ELDERS for being a dumbass!  HYPOCRAPTIST!!

Duck dynasty and church is the only place where our friend holds it in

I would always pick Si for my team

I love SI.funniest redneck I kno

Oh Jase!

Jase Robertson “You can turn water into wine if your name is Jesus. Last time I checked, your name is Willie.” Sadly, Willie didn't know it till he'd bought the wine yard.

Duck Dynasty Family Tree | What The Duck

then allllll those hidden cousins in thurr huh , yeah whoop umpa. I hate you and please for once ftfo

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i am not a very proper girl. i hate goats

Duck dynasty quotes. Jep robertson. Dont tell willie

Jep "Don't tell Willie! Gets me everytime.

Phil Robertson

For all fans of Duck Dynasty


I would marry si robertson!

Yes it is

Yes it is

Duck dynasty

Fists as weapons Si Duck Dynasty

Si's take on "Brain Freeze" from the quintessential red neck summer treat, snow cones.

Si is hilarious. I love this "brain sneeze"

Jase and Uncle Si.

Duck Dynasty - Jase and Uncle Si Robertson

"Its my Daddy and my Gramps!"   That is what the Beans had to say upon seeing this.       Now my dad has always had a beard, as far back as ...

Art Duck Dynasty a-day-without-laughter-is-a-day-wasted

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Duck Dynasty To my dad lol

'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson and 'Dancing With The Stars' Mark Ballas Strut Their Dance Moves (SEE IT)

Jase,Phil,Willie, and Si Robertson.