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Order Form - Pegee of Williamsburg, Patterns From Historie

Order Form - Pegee of Williamsburg, Patterns From Historie

Geometry in nature // Fibonacci sequence// Golden Ratio // Phi point // The same ratio Vitruvius saw in the human body – 1 to PHI (1.618) – exists in every part of nature, from swimming fish to swirling planets. This divine ratio, or divine proportion, has been called the building block of all life.

What’s so sacred about geometry, anyway?


Make customer ordering easy with these cute and trendy leopard print boutique order forms with a modern black and white leopard pattern and embellished with a printed girly pink ribbon. Personalize by adding the name of your store or online shop. These stylish order form templates have a place for a product description, quantity and sales price.

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If you're new to quilling, you only need to learn how to make a few basic coils in order to form the foundations for most of these paper quilling projects.

How to Quill Paper: 40+ Free Paper Quilling Patterns

Learn how to quill paper with these free paper quilling patterns. Embellish all of your upcoming paper crafts with beautiful paper quilling designs paper crafters will love. This collection has quilling tutorials for every skill level.

Jennifer McCurdy, "Emotion fills me when I see perfect forms in naturel. The ordered symmetry and asymmetry of nature's forms reveal the growth of life, the movement of life. I strive to make my work reflect the balance of life around me. It is important that the patterns I see around me are integrated into my forms. Finished pieces hold elusive glimpses of the balance between the convex and the concave, and light absorbed and reflected."

Jennifer McCurdy, "Margrit's Vessel", wheel thrown, altered, and carved porcelain — Sherrie Gallerie

free silhoutte nativity scene patterns | Nativity Silhouette Pattern http://steelhorsemetalart.com/products.php ...

'Tis the season. What season is that, exactly? To gather with family? To exchange perfect gifts and warm sentiments? To feel nostalgic?

Here's a nice form for assessing student understanding of patterns.

Joyful Learning In KC: Patterns Problems. An assessment format for making and understanding patterns.