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Instructions on a DIY lightsaber. I need to do this one day.

STAR WARS - How to make a Lightsaber Infographic. Really fun! Really cute crafty date idea!

Why is Star Wars humor so funny?

I Waste So Much Time

This did make me laugh.but I must say that after surrendering my droid for an iphone I do miss the geekiness of my droid. WAY ahead of the iphone. Just not enough battery life.

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Funny pictures about Look sir. Oh, and cool pics about Look sir. Also, Look sir.


I laughed a little too hard. (kinda like the amount of FORCE the trooper hit the tree with!

gif LOL funny haha follow back follow star wars star Baseball ...

I guess we won’t be telling THAT story in our Marvel Star Wars comics. GREATEST GIF EVER. (Well, other than Thor getting stuck spinning in his cape!

i will have a fire place soon....hmmm

Funny pictures about Star Wars Taxidermy. Oh, and cool pics about Star Wars Taxidermy. Also, Star Wars Taxidermy.

"The Empire has a legion of loyal soldiers that are in endless supply." - Darth VaderWhere there is light, there will be shades of darkness. One cannot exist without the other. A balance must be struck. For the closer you are to the light, the greater y…

"The Empire has a legion of loyal soldiers that are in endless supply.

oh Han, while you may have something insane like, 6D in pistol ability your con D is slightly laking

Laugh of the day! This is one of my favorite humorous scenes in the Star Wars movies :) (Han Solo in Episode IV)