Redskins Hogettes - have looked for these guys on TV for YEARS!  Love them!!

Closer Inspection: the Hogettes

Back in the day, Michael Tobert, an admirer of the Redskins’ offensive line (once known as the Hogs), started a cheerleading team. After 28 years, the Hogettes still got the look.

101 Fan Engagement Ideas Sporting Teams | Blair Hughes

This is a doc I did up on 101 content creation ideas for sporting teams. It can be applied to other areas/businesses as well. Hope that it helps teams in terms of fan engagement

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10 Secrets Of Intuitive Eating

Hate when people tell me I don't need to lose weight or diet. I'm not trying to lose weight. I LIKE HEALTHY FOODS! "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" :)