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Shailene Woodley // Miles Teller // Theo James // Ansel Elgort

HHAHAHAHAHey, think about it, Theo is the dauntless bowl, Ansel is the abnegation bowl, and miles. Maybe candor

It's too much

SPOILER ALERT This is the end of Allegiant. Well, not the end, but the part that will make you want to curl up into a ball and die.<<< I haven't read allegiant yet gosh darn!

'​The Divergent Series: Allegiant​ — An Exclusive Look at the New Posters for the Film | Teen Vogue

Exclusive: See the New Posters for '​The Divergent Series: Allegiant​'

Five days to go yea!

I just cried Because i remembered that Tris died. I am never reading Allegient again. Wish I could go back in time and tell past me not to read chapter 50 in public.

No no no

Um I believe the quote is "tell Tobias I didn't want to leave him." ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ <<< right dere