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Chief Big Tree, 1870. Var: Addo-eette; A'do-eette. (Nye: p316-317; Belous/Weinstein: 34.)

Big Tree - Kiowa, Big Tree Big Tree (A'DO-EETTE) was born in 1845 in Kiowa tribe, he belonged to "Kata" band of Dohasan. His brother Dangerous Eagle was also a famous war-chief.

May 5, 1877 Sitting Bull leads his people into Canada nearly 1 year after the battle at Little Big Horn.

Standing L-R: Good Feather Woman (Sitting Bull's sister), Walks Looking (Sitting Bull's daughter) Sitting L-R: Her Holy Door (Sitting Bull's mother), Sitting Bull, Many Horses (Sitting Bull's daughter) with her son, Courting A Woman - Hunkpapa - 1883

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Zitkala-Ša or 'Red bird' (1876–1938), the child of a full-blood Yankton Sioux, was born in 1876 on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and raised in a tipi on the Missouri River until age 12. She went to a Quaker missionary school for Indians, under the missionary-given name Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, eventually becoming a teacher, musician, author and activist.

Zitkala-Ša or 'Red bird' was also known by the missionary-given name Gertrude Simmons Bonnin. Yankton Sioux, born in 1876 on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge, such survivors.