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Post Capitalism

Post Capitalism

These Close Reading symbol charts & bookmarks are a must have during your close reading lessons! The file includes charts (2 color and 2 blackline masters) and bookmarks (1 color and 1 blackline master). You can use these as anchor charts, as posters, in notebooks, or in your students' close reading folder.

Close Reading Symbols Posters & Bookmarks, ANY Topic, Fall, Autumn

Appears to be an all-seeing eye with a talisman in the center radiating out rays of power.

the symbol in the middle is the sigil of Lucifer, image originates in the sixteenth century Italian Grimoirium Verum, or “Grimoire of Truth"

CYprotic. The island of Cyprus has been a focus of cross-cultural interaction for millennia. While the earliest examples dating from as early as 1500 BCE cannot be read, comparisons show that the Cypriot syllabary seemed to have derived from Liner A scripts, like a sibling to Liner B. The script at this very early stage is called Cypriot-Minoan to distinguish it from the Cypriot script used for writing Greek after 12th century BCE.

The island of Cyprus has been a focus of cross-cultural interaction…

Dragon in the Wyldwood - Lindworm (cognate with Old Norse linnormr 'constrictor snake', Norwegian linnorm 'dragon', Swedish, lindorm, Danish, lindorm 'serpent', German Lindwurm 'dragon') in British heraldry, is a technical term for a wingless bipedal dragon often with a venomous bite. In Norwegian heraldry a lindorm is the same as the wyvern in British heraldry.

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♛ ♛  d e b u t a n t e  d i a r i e s   {Spoiled? Sure! Little Miss Debutante}  Paolo Sebastian 2015/16

I absolutely love the bird there. ♛ ♛ d e b u t a n t e d i a r i e s {Spoiled? Little Miss Debutante} Paolo Sebastian