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Cary Grant, one of my favorite funny men.

Cary Grant, one of my favorite funny men.

Cary Grant, 1947. Photo by John Kobal

Classic Movie Legend, Cary Grant, Born January To use an old cliché, the perfect Male Star must be someone “Men want to be and woman want to be with.” In terms of classic Hollywood, no star fit’s the bill more than Cary Grant.

A Young Cary Grant

wehadfacesthen: Remembering Cary Grant on his birthday January 1904 - 29 November a leading man for four decades “My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.

Cary Grant and Kathrine Hepburn in, I believe, director George Cukor's "Holiday". (gif)

Katharine Hepburn GIFs That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know In Life - "Dance like nobody's watching, and flip couches like nobody cares"

Although we can't see the faces of the kissers in this iconic photo, Edith Shain has long claimed to be the woman. Shain, now 90, is scheduled to be the grand marshal of New York's Veterans Day parade tomorrow.    She describes this moment, caught by the photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, as a spontaneous kiss with a total stranger in Times Square on VJ Day in August of 1945, the day WWII ended.    Miss Shain, when pressed by a BBC interviewer, described the kiss as "wonderful."

Have you ever kissed a stranger? More importantly, have you ever been photographed by a stranger while kissing a stranger? Alfred Eisenstaedts -The Times Square Kiss.

Cary Grant

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