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Jylian Gustlin - “Fibonacci 36 x 36

Fibonacci Basket Weaving

Leonardo of Pisa (c. 1170 – c. commonly, most commonly known as Fibonacci, was an Italian mathematician, considered by some "the .

Ravens Panel Wall Tapestry by Jan Delyth at AllPosters.com

Ravens Panel

Fine Art Tapestries Ravens Panel by Delyth Tapestry

How Fibonacci numbers relate to a spiral.


Fibonacci Spiral - Golden Spiral Logarithmic spiral whose growth factor is φ, the golden ratio - gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes.

Fibonacci Blocks and Fibonacci Spiral  http://www.banskt.com/blog/golden-ratio-in-logo-designs/

Fibonacci Blocks and Fibonacci Spiral. Website link: "Golden Ratio in logo designs," article with examples of the golden ratio in some well-known logos, such as National Geographic and Apple.

Fine Art Tapestries 6316-WH Striedescent Wall Tapestry / Wall Hanging FA-6316-WH

Striedescent Wall Tapestry / Wall Hanging Calming, organic, simple, horizontal strokes of stonewashed blues and cognacs with a mix of neutrals create a soothing cooling abstract wall tapestry.