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Spring Migration--The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!! - FM Forums

Spring Migration--The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Awwww look at the little baby!!!

Hmm, I never really thought snakes could be cute. *shrugs* first time for everything <<<<< It's a snek!

I remember lifting the window blind many cold mornings as a little girl living on Lake Erie, hopefully searching the limbs of the trees next to our bedroom window for a glimpse of a red-breasted robin with its promise that spring had arrived.

Rüppell's Warbler by chudy

Rüppell's Warbler by chudy

Interesting color patterns.

Czubik Mały - Hemiprocne comata- our-amazing-world: Whiskered Treeswift Amazing World beautiful amazing

97640879.ip1DThjE.CeruleanWarblerFemale05086j.jpg (708×482)

97640879.ip1DThjE.CeruleanWarblerFemale05086j.jpg (708×482)

© Jason Means, Dunbar, West Virginia, September 2008, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonscottmeans/2900405194/

Black-capped Chickadee Adult Black cap and throat White cheek and nape Buff or orangish sides (can be gray in worn birds) Brownish gray back

Cape May Warbler - eBirdr

Male: Reddish-brown cheek patch (the only warbler with chestnut cheeks).