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A dar un buen ejemplo!

How to File a Petition for Contempt in Tennessee

comic sueños y esperanzas

13 Cómics que definen a la perfección las dificultades de ser adulto

life: hey what is that me: this are my dream and hopes life: can i hold them for a second i want to show you a trick me: ok life :(breaks my dreams and hopes) lol.

Cuando la vida te sea dulce agradece y celebra. Cuando la vida te sea amarga agradece y aprende.  @Candidman     #Frases Candidman Motivación Reflexión @candidman

Cuando la vida te sea dulce, agradece y celebra. Cuando la vida te sea amarga, agradece y aprende

A random collection of short stories/poems written by me please read.

Mind blown

Mind blown

It just 'accidently' makes the symbol of infinity! perfect since in symbolism, the sun symbols Christ, the moon the Church. ~ mw ~ Fixed position photograph of the sun, taken at the same time of day over a year. Looks like the infinity symbol!