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The "alternate" princess group. Sailor Moon, Anastasia, Lady Amalthea, Odette, Thumbilina, Crysta, etc...

‘Lil' CutiEs - Alternate Princesses Group One’ iPhone Case/Skin by Ellador


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New Sailor Team Group Backpack is out!  Shopping links and info here --> http://www.moonkitty.net/reviews-buy-sailor-moon-bags-backpacks.php

Sailor Moon Bags & Backpacks Shopping Guide

Back Pack Sailor Soilders Starry Background Sailor Moon GE Animation


In their defense, they look downright modest compared to many other female, animated and comic/manga characters.

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Here are some new Sailor Moon mugs featuring all ten senshi, Tuxedo Mask and the Moon Kingdom!

"My Prince" Meatballhead, Sailor Moon

‘My Prince’ iPhone Case/Skin by meatballhead

Así tiene que ser mi futuro novio

This can CLEARLY show the age difference between tuxedo mask and sailor moon! I mean come on people admit it.there IS DEFINITELY a gap.