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مترخصش نفسك

مترخصش نفسك

open your mind.

Cher is back on the charts with ‘Woman’s World’

only 30 percent of blacks thought same-sex marriage should be legal - 9 points lower than the national average. One-third of the blacks who were polled said they thought gay marriage should be illegal.

villachristinawedding 2 Villa Christina Wedding | Heather + Carl

The bride had her married name sewn in under her dress as her something blue.(the something blue idea!

هي الصدّاقة الحقيقيّة !

هي الصدّاقة الحقيقيّة !

Hey, everyone! Today you will find some quotes said by Albert Einstein. In his words, you can gain positive energy as well as passion from this great man. Albert Einstein is so famous that his powerful words can inspire everyone in the world. There are 30 quotes picked up on the Internet. They can show …

30 Albert Einstein Quotes

YES!!  if we PAY for it, it IS our business. (please excuse the wording)

if we PAY for it, it IS our business. (please excuse the wording)

I won't be a bother

I wish I could baby & it just be me & you all night! I would so love to hold you all night! Just to feel u against me.your fragrance.your heart beat in rhythm with mine! Just to kiss u with no worries.

‫ يَومِيْات حَرف الأَلِف‬ | via Facebook

Fashion Arabic Style Illustration Description الخذلان…… صح جدا – Read More –

god's Not Dead has to be the dumbest piece of Christian propaganda ever made.

And my house can sprout legs and a brain of its own, pick itself up off its foundation and go on a killing spree. Prove it won't.

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