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The lifespans of trolls vary proportionately to their positions on the hemospectrum.... OW! My heart... Poor Equis... Poor Gamzee... Poor everyone...

The lifespans of trolls vary proportionately to their positions on the hemospectrum. <---- This is wrong though, because Gamzee should be the third to last to die because of how high his blood is. It's higher than Equis'

Stop with the cake! I'm sick of it!! <--- "JOHN EGBERT YOU WILL EAT THIS CAKE AND YOU WILL LIKE IT."

homestuck John Egbert dad egbert mines im dumb john and dad just like to yell at each other like this they're the height of situational comedy

What is up with the Striders hair and looking like birds?

This fandom had problems>> Has* We still exist, just huddled up in the corners of the internet with our 3 year old fanatics and our dead souls, which have also been sold to our Lord.

night valestuck - Google Search

Happy I'm gonna be posting a bit of WTNV/Homestuck trash so sorry to those that hate the fandom.

Pinning it a second time.

My other OTP that I will not stop shipping EVER <<< this ship has become my coping mechanism for AraSol feels lmao cuz like they're just so cute and funny d'awwww

kurloz x mituna - Google Search

kurloz x mituna - Google Search

I've never seen these all in one place so I'm pinning them all. You're welcome.

captor rotation Mituna(ancestors troll) -> The Psiioniic (beta troll) -> Sollux (alpha troll) -> Mituna —————————————- *just re-design. u_u -explain: *HS rotation finally.