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Frozen in time

Found in South Milwaukee WI

The Abandoned Grand Synagogue, Constanta, Romania

Deep in the forests of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this abandoned mansion looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a horror film, with its amazing nineteenth century architecture left to crumble away over time. Little is known about this mysterious house, b

car between trees  that's wha I get fer trying to foller the general lee on a jump... (enos git me down from here...)

Truck in a tree photo prompt. How did the truck wind up in the tree? Who lives in the truck now? How might somebody bring it down?

The old pumps

Back in the day they served a purpose.

The Rahr-West Art Museum City of Manitowoc WI.

The Rahr-West Art Museum is full of wacky, tacky, fun and loads of memorabilia.

Welcome to historic Cedarburg

Welcome To, Photos