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Omg this just turned my life around>>>...I'm in multiple stories...

Remember this. You are the protagonist of your story, antagonist of another's. The love interest for some and a stranger with a kind gesture to show you the way for the rest.

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What to do if you feel like shit

The first thought is what you have been conditioned to think, but it's what you choose to think next that defines you #feminism #bodypositive

The second comment is a hopeful thought.

Its not funny but I wanted to share a powerful message on my most popular board. Be kind to yourself.

Really sorry about the bad words, but an overall interesting message

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Interesting example of male privledge

If this isn't an argument for society's need for feminism, I don't know what is. <-I make up a "boyfriend" so I can get away from "Hey baby what's your number? I cannot stand people who says feminism isn't needed

I statted crying agter reading this - Hollie/ Oliver (Oli)

so important...i wish people werent so ashamed of their past selves and phases. embrace every part of your personality

Who cares if it's a just a phase of not, embrace who you are ~Good advice for all of us, even if we aren't 14 anymore; we are ever-changing creatures and it's okay to keep figuring out who we are today and tomorrow and next year and beyond.

I like this a lot. There are a few little things I always get caught up on. By the way, you’re a pretty freaking amazing cake

cake to make you feel better

this post makes me uncomfortable

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Life evolves if you only keep living..

It gets better stay strong lovelies

Share and save a life

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Share and save a life

Useless attempts

I actually kind of needed this random internet human.

%of dying while climbing

%of dying while climbing