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Roberto Annese, asesinado por la dictadura

Roberto Annese, asesinado por la dictadura

Maduro in Venezuela prova la dittatura del proletariato

CNN Breaking News ‏ Patak Govt: More than a month of protests in Venezuela claims 31 dead, 461 hurt, detained.

La Eurocámara condena la "represión brutal" en Venezuela

La Eurocámara condena la "represión brutal" en Venezuela

A protester in Venezuela

Protesters clashed with police in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, during May Day marches as President Nicholas Maduro announced plans to have an unelected body of workers redraft the country's constitution

For todays takeover well be featuring photographer Fabian Solymars (@fabiansolymar) documentation of this spring and summers protests in #Caracas #Venezuela where people have taken to the streets to push for new elections. As of this writing at least 80 individuals have been killed in violent clashes between the opposition and the armed forces of President Nicolas Maduro. I always feel fear being in those places where anything can happen to you Solymar tells us What motivates me to continue…

This is not a movie poster, this was Venezuela yesterday, 57 days of government repression.

El Rincon de mi Espiritu: Venezuela: el cardenal Urosa pide el cese de la re...

A demonstrator catches fire, after the gas tank of a police motorbike exploded, during clashes in a protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on May Venezuela’s angry.

.@We Love Ellen! This sunday, please Help us taking a stand against repression in Venezuela  #OscarsForVenezuela pic.twitter.com/HpQSIFYDOm

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Late stage socialism in Venezuela

No, they aren't spartans, they're venezuelans fighting agaisn't repression

National Guard using a gun during a protest today in Venezuela

National Guard soldier opens fire at a crowd of protesters armed only with wooden shields to protect themselves. A 17 year old was killed and six others were injured.