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Can You Identify The Dog Breed From The Close Up? It's Tougher Than It Looks. :)

Can You Identify The Dog Breed From The Close Up? It's Tougher Than It Looks. :)

We can really do it!

Can We Guess Your Dog's Name In 12 Questions?

I wish I had a space like this @ my house. Our shoes being on shelves not behind closet doors would definitely help my daughter keep her shoes where they belong.

Ideas for Strategic Organization & Storage

DREAM HOME IDEA Leave space under cabinets in mud room for dog bed. *Make wider & adjust height as needed to have space for dog food & water bowls.

This took an embarrassing amount of time for me to find...

Try to find me…

Makes me think of our ol dog Squirt. She was an old English sheepdog tho looked like an oversized stuffed animal: Funny Animals, Dogs, Pet, Puppy, Pomeranian

Which breed of dog are you most like as a person ?

What Is Your Dog Personality?

Here are some Pictures To Make You Say Awwww.When you look closely at a puppy in action, you will notice that they have a gleam in their eye and a smile on their face.

Guarding is when a dog aggressively protects something precious to him--most commonly food, toys, or a favorite spot in the house (such as his bed). It's triggered when a person or animal gets so close that the dog feels he's in danger of losing this valuable resource. How to correct this behavior:

Dog Guarding

Find your dog match. Dogtime's Dog Selector makes finding the best dog or puppy for you easy. Our dog breed selector quiz has been matching dogs to people since