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Woe is Me - American Dream

Woe, Is Me will be releasing "American Dream" EP on August via Rise Records. Check out the artwork and track listing below:

~Woe, is me <3

~Woe, is me

If you do anything in this life, if you believe in nothing else, believe in yourself. In the end you are truly all you have, yourself and your dreams. Follow your dreams and never ever stop believing in yourself. Never give up. Ever. "Every dream.begins with a dreamer, we have a hope we must defend, no matter what we'll come out swinging, we haven't reached the end" -woe is me, family first

The type of font is bold and stands out which would be perfect for my music magazine as i want my magazine to stand out especially the front cover which i may use this font on

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▶ Woe, Is Me - Stand Up (New CDep exclusive to BEST BUY on AUG. 20th) - YouTube

▶ Woe, Is Me - Stand Up (New CDep exclusive to BEST BUY on AUG. 20th) - YouTube