How to apply Jamberry nails || Jamberry nails application tips - TOP 10 tips and tricks

So, how to apply Jamberry nail wraps? Here's my top 10 tips for the flawless application of Jamberry nail wraps.

So THIS is how you apply Jambery nails! Ohhhhhhhhh. Cool! Baggie Method....

DIY nail art is easier than you think. Jamberry application method with rice bag and plastic baggie.


Jamberry nail wraps offer the hottest trend in fashion.

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry nail wraps application in a nutshell. There are videos, tips, and alternative methods to best suit your nails, so let me know if you need any suggestions! I'm happy to help.

New ideas! Jamberry nails

3 Chic Ways to Wear Leftover Jamberry nail wrap pieces. Be sure to have on Jamberry nail polish so the wraps stay on longer!