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An evening in by myself while my husband was away on work for a couple of days, I settled in bed with my laptop and a cup of tea. Browsing through the BBC iplayer I came across a film called The C Wor

The C Word (Purple Stardust)

Do sueco: Mangata - Essa palavra descreve aquele caminho de luz que a Lua cria com seu reflexo sobre a água do mar.

17 palavras de outros idiomas que não possuem traduções literais

1 of 11 untranslatable words. Swedish: Mångata The word for the glimmering, roadlike reflection that the moon creates on water.

Perhaps to teach you that you deserve so much better than what you have settled for, even if you settled for years....

Even when it's Satan himself that comes into your life, it's to teach you lessons. After those lessons are learned, there is no greater feeling than watching evil be removed.


Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one but you can see. Dream big, little one.

Artifact: Creative Recycle on Instagram: “Because YOU deserve it! Happy weekend, friends. ✨ (via @adamjk)” • Instagram

WEBSTA @ thegirlfriendmanifesto - Miracles are the natural order of life.⚡️Only love is real!⚡️We will be way better then okay.

99 Dr. Seuss Quotes Full Of Wit, Wisdom, And Lots Of Fun

Seuss quotes are well known to children and adults for their wit and frankness. Seuss' timeless wisdom and humor.

Cute Bedroom Wall Stickers Murals with Winnie the Pooh Pictures with Love and Life Quotes

Winnie the Pooh Wall Decal Christopher Robin Nursery Quote You are Braver Stronger Smarter 041

it's all good.

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. Brault life quotes quotes quote inspirational life lessons life sayings life comments