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Check out the Epic World of Warcraft Fan Art Drawn by Ballpoint ...

Check out the Epic World of Warcraft Fan Art Drawn by Ballpoint Pen

This is not a photograph. It's a drawing done in ballpoint pen by artist Samuel Silva. Share if you think this is amazing! Afghan Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts

Afghan Girl by Samuel Silva, also known as vianaarts, is a British artist who developed his unique style of ballpoint pen drawing. This incredible work is based on the famous photo by journalist Steve McCurry.

BIC ballpoint pen drawing by chaseroflight.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

What an amazing drawing! BIC ballpoint pen drawing with reference to photo by the talented photographer James Houston, for the Drawn entirely freehand without the use of grids or initial pencil sketch in approximately 20 hrs.


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Ballpoint pen drawings -After finishing this work, Silva said: 'Eight hours to finish. Just another quick doodle. Or call it a study or sketch. My first eagle head ever.'

Now that's how to doodle: The incredible pictures that look like photographs drawn with a ballpoint pen

Artist Samuel Silva - "I have eight colored Bic ballpoint pens. They are just common everyday ballpoint pens.