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This DIY bird feeder looks like your porch swing. It's especially popular with ground feeding birds like cardinals, but will attract many varieties.

DIY Porch Swing Feeder there are more feeders on this page. I bought a feeder like this at thrift store & was going to use it as a pattern, this site has the measurements & instructions.

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders • A great round-up on DIY Bird Feeder projects from around the web with lots of Tutorials! Including this diy bird feeder made from a mason jar, an old chicken feeder and copper tubing from 'two llamas and a whole lotta dramas'.

10 Creative DIY Bird Feeders

Easy to make and beautiful bird feeder

Easy Platform Bird Feeder

With that in mind, I made this super simple super cute platform feeder and my backyard birds love it!

A squirrel feeder is a way to attract more wildlife to your backyard or private garden. It's simple to make and will bring squirrels. Not only will it attract these adorable creatures, it will keep them from going after the birds in your bird feeders.

How to Build a Squirrel Feeder Jar. Maddy has been wanting to make a project. This is what we have decided. Now, I just need to get the time to do it.

Canning Jars - Upcycled Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder via pindemy.com

Upcycled Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder - just use regular sugar water instead, cheaper and better for them.


CRAFT Project: Mason Jar Terrarium

The crafting world seems to have come down with a major case of terrarium fever, and I'm no exception. It's so much fun creating these verdant little world