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Swans only have one partner for their whole life if their partner dies they could pass away from broken heart. -- -- Wild Life With Amazing Nature

Heart Formed by Swans....Great symbol of love....Swans mate for life.

Heart Formed by Swans . Great Symbol-of-Love . Swans Mate for Life.

Swan love

Another shot of this swan couple . love the laid back neck curve of the front one.

Swan love by *MargotShareaza on deviantART

pair of swans in the castle garden, Fontainebleau, France November 2010 Swan love

Swans' heart from Tinnacriss

Swan heart so sweet. These beautiful birds have one love forever. I have read that if one dies the other one can actually die of a broken heart. Together they have formed a heart of Love.

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Love to each other

Love to each other