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Bus stop - Lancôme

Bus stop - Lancôme

"A lovasok egyre bizonytalanabbul lovagoltak, és mintha csak tudnák k az, úgy biccentettek minden egyes fának. Némelyiket pedig nagy ívet megtéve kerültek ki, és mikor közelebb értek, mind összerezzentek, az arcuk pedig elsápadt."

ill tidings by andreasrocha Digital Painting Techniques: Volume Practical Techniques of Digital Art Masters looks like Black Riders

I have a spot soft in my heart for trees and waterfalls <3  Lair by gerezon join us http://pinterest.com/koztar

Lair Concept Art by gerezon Conceptart Scifi Concepts ------------------------------------------------------------------- Beautiful environment

Gabriel Yeganyan | Concept Art World

Gabriel Yeganyan | Concept Art World

...This city was drowned long ago. It is now under the ocean. How is it even possible for there still to be inteligent life? Do people still live there? It's not the fish. There is something bigger there...

The Jellyfish City of Aikon. The fish are merely to jellyfish as birds are to Humans.

Now here is some quality architecture

The bold art of Ian McQue

Was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at 'The Spire', the excellent new comic from Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely. Did a bit of fan art:

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Ani [Finnish] describe the details of the works was not much, but . at the end painted scroll tide channel collected Painting figure) _ petal illustration / comic

The Art Of Animation, KALEN CHOCK

Feeling the Mist of the Waterfall by American Artist (Bay Area California) Kalen Chock.A place to Think Headless Thoughts Story Tella ST