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OBAMA CARTOONS: Welcome to the "Obama Zone"

I really do feel like I'm in the twilight zone sometimes, especially when I talk to people who still support Obama

Just Speculating, This Is What Happens When We Allow Ourselves To Be Overruled By Political Correctness & Are Afraid To STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!! We Have Gone From CLASS TO TRASH!!!!!

What happened? it boggles the mind that these are both democrats both First Ladies. the one on the right-a radical racist leftwing nut and a female. the one on the left-cares about all others, a real Lady and a working wife.

Nerds unite!!!

Legolas is actually using a recurve bow, not a longbow. Bow Legolas is actually using a recurve bow not longbow

Yep, Now Get....

Beverly Hillibillies Irene Ryan aka Granny Daisy Moses Exercises Her Right To Bear Arms!

100 percent

Unless you're donating blood! So true donate blood and save a life!