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Her name is Marigold Hana, she'll be her the Mosaic Princess of Zerrix's apprentice I agreed she's not too sexy, boo.

Anime manga illustration 2018

Anime picture original bellezza felutia felutiahime long hair single tall image blush highres blue eyes black hair red eyes smile simple background white background looking away ponytail holding japanese clothes traditional clothes hair flower 542803 en

...why does this remind me of(highschool)  Kara?? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

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why does this remind me of(highschool) Kara? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

"Hey I'm Marx. I am the big sister to little fighter Lena. She just joined the Sword sisters. I hope she likes it there. I am 20 years old. I also have a alternate side to me. I call her Marc and she is nothing like me. I try not let her out. I am a new collage student too. I can fight, but nothing like my sister. Well got to go!"

Anime girl and a reflection of who she would be if she was the opposite of herself -hi guys,sorry if I didnt pin pins this few weeks cause I was busy doing my projects first ssooo now Im back. some anime pins!