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Cats are the advanced guard of an Alien invasion.  Those that please them will be kept as slaves, those that do not....

World domination kitty.love the red dot torture! I mean fun ( evil laugh)


Funny pictures about I'm going blind. Oh, and cool pics about I'm going blind. Also, I'm going blind.

A site dedicated to my favorite men, sexy guys, sexy stuff & all things pretty that make me happy and make me smile :)

This is my life in a nutshell....

This is my life in a nutshell....

Justin Bieber Visits the Animal Shelter

Justin Bieber Visits the Animal Shelter

Have you ever had a chubby cat that needed to lose a few pounds?

Safe Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Being overweight can be detrimental to a cat’s health. But, just like crash dieting is a bad idea for people, it’s a really bad idea for cats.

FOUR http://cheezburger.com/9095149824

The Catnip Times with Cecilia Rose DeVasier and Polly Dee MacBride Muise.

puh leeze

Cat Humor: You've owned cats for this long and you honestly believe that yelling "Get down" and pointing is going to work? I never learn :)

It'll be fun though :)

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Funny Animal Pictures � 60 Pics Ahh so cute!!!

Abyssinian Cat Breeds

In the dentist office it seemed hilarious! lol

Funny pictures about Meow Chicka Meow Meow. Oh, and cool pics about Meow Chicka Meow Meow. Also, Meow Chicka Meow Meow.

That just makes me laugh so hard. Read it out loud.

It's Monday Again.

Funny pictures about Startled kitten. Oh, and cool pics about Startled kitten. Also, Startled kitten photos.


Funny pictures about Excuse me sir. Oh, and cool pics about Excuse me sir. Also, Excuse me sir.

Fear Me!!!  Umm.. Okay ... this is me being very afraid ... No, that was not a giggle ...it was ... terror ...:

Her Hunting Face

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day – 88 Pics. Cat’s hunting face. Cat on the loose. Gone hunting