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hey girl i know nursing school is hard. i don't mind staying up with you to make coffee - ryan gosling hey girl

I'd want to talk to Ryan about many other things than a staff meeting!!

Hey girl, the Ryan Gosling "Hey girl" meme has been going for a while, and I thought the feminist version was my favorite, but now libraries have jumped aboard. It's enough to make a man (or woman) cry with happiness. Thanks, Lynne Thomas!

Ah, Ryan Gosling and genetics... could it get any better?

off tile and grout Call Ryan or I mean Billy for a FREE tile and grout Demo at

Thank you for that.

Thank you for that.

Hey Girl. Ryan Gosling. Yes, we love bookmarks!

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

Trolling the Internet for pretty things  is such hard work, babe. You been at it a while. Want a cup of coffee? I'll go get some.

Ryan Gosling - hey girl, I was hoping to rub your shoulders while you pin.talk about a dream come true

Hey Girl, I love it when you set your alarm 4 times really early in the morning to workout but never actually workout... Lol... Oops

ryan gosling teacher meme ryan gosling hey girl - Hey teacher Hang in there.it's thursday!

This Halloween sign: treat yo self Parks and Recreation

20 Things Only "Parks And Recreation" Fans Will Find Funny

Oh, imaginary/meme Ryan Gosling... please go teacher-clothes-shopping with me. #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

Oh, imaginary/meme Ryan Gosling. please go teacher-clothes-shopping with me.