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The best teeth whitening hacks for a brighter smile | Allure.com

How to Whiten Your Teeth: 17 Ways to Brighten Your Smile

Want whiter, brighter teeth? Read on to learn how to whiten teeth at home with 15 teeth-whitening tactics, complete with tips from top dentists.

Perfect Teeth Shape PT15

Nowadays, white teeth and thick, shiny hair are priorities in our cosmetically driven world. For teeth whitening products every year, Americans spend over billion dollars. But after whitening p…

Zirconium crown vs. Porcelain fused to metal crown

Zirconium crowns have quickly become the preferred material for dental crowns. Its many advantages include: Extraordinarily tough Can wi.

“Una sonrisa perfecta es aquella que además de gozar de muy buena salud, posee cada pieza dentaria en estado óptimo; el color, la forma de los dientes, el tamaño de la boca y las encías, deben conjugar armoniosa y simétricamente entre sí, de acuerdo a la estructura facial de cada persona”.

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Sangrado de Encías #Higiene #Alimentación #Fumar #Tabaquismo #Embarazo #Estrés #Malposicion #Dental #Medicamentos #PrevenirEsVivir #Odontología #Odontóloga #DentistaOlgaEstrada

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Time to defend my dissertation. Good thing I learned from the best! What I plan to do to my committee.

Smile Stylist Before and After Porcelain Veneers

Cheap Teeth Whitening

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Street Poles Turned Into Ads.

Dentist Telephone Pole Flyer With Tear-Off Teeth Dr. John Mullaly, a dentist in Muskegon, MI, came up with a creative approach to advertising his dental services by posting telephone pole flyers with tear-off teeth.

64.7 million American adults have some form of  Periodontal Disease. So floss once a day, brush twice a day with a manual, electronic or even better, a sonic toothbrush to prevent Gingivitis. See your Dentist at least twice a year.

Statistically, million American adults are experiencing certain level of periodontal disease. Let's learn 5 simple steps to prevent periodontal disease.