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my trouble shooting space diva

my trouble shooting space diva

Mass Effect Trilogy Art by:  Ron Chan (@RonDanChan) | Twitter

Mass Effect Trilogy Art by: Ron Chan. This has become one of my favorite works of the entire crew

Oh Fem Shep, your dialogue delivery far out does your Male counter part. Mass Effect 3: Shepard

This amazing FemShep video game concept art was taken from an article titled: "Mass Effect Concept Art Book Shows Us a Galaxy That’s Worth Saving" on ComicsAlliance. Fantastic video game concept art on show - we need to get this book!

Mass Effect's Geth are a fine example of Artificial Intelligence that has been designed by Aliens. They have a hive mind which could be quite an interesting mechanic.

Mass Effect 3 Characters by Patryk Garrett

Legion, the geth mobile platform, is ready for war with Commander Shepard and his / her crew. Killer Mass Effect 3 conceptual art by Patryk Olejniczak. Check out more of Patryk’s Mass Effect 3 artwork.

derlaine:    TURIANOSAURUS WREX HE IS THE BADASSEST SQUADMATE ON THE NORMANDY SAVING THE GALAXY WOOP WOOP  I made a shirt because I am a slore like that http://www.redbubble.com/people/derlaine/works/9064293-turianosaurus-wrex

Turianosaurus Wrex - Print from Derlaine

Turianosaurus Wrex - Print sold by Derlaine. Shop more products from Derlaine on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

This is literally the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Mass Effect x Marvel


Mass Effect 3's Jack, Cosplayed To Perfection

Mass Effect 3's Jack, Cosplayed To Perfection