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This product contains 6 different posters for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. On each poster there is a list of the common verbs that are associated with each level of thinking.  On each poster there is a visual to show the students how much "brain power" it requires to answer questions with the given verbs.

Higher Order Thinking Posters based on Bloom's Taxonomy

These posters represent each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Each poster has verbs that relate to the specified level and a "bar of brain power" to assess the level of difficulty and thinking required.

Awareness can save the earth. --- A great design for an important message.

Awareness can save the earth. (by Fulvio G.m.... — Posters For GOOD

4 Color: The colors of the Earth are all here and particularily vibrant. The color of the background is very dark, probably to make the rest of the color pop like in Figure 6-24 of our readings. This ad has a message for the entire world; the analogy is that temperatures are rising and melting like an ice-cream cone. This symbol is relatable because at least in Western culture, we all grew up knowing what ice-cream is. WWF ad

11 Powerful Environmental Ads

wwf rechauffement climatique glace monde fond This advertisement shows dominance as the most eye-catching element of the poster is the ice-cream cone which resembles the Earth.