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After losing a soccer game... There's always at least one girl.

After I loose a volleyball game and giving high fives to the other players.


I can relate to this pin because my hobby is volleyball. I am a middle hitter and I block, left, middle, and right. So, I can relate to this picture because I usually block spikes in the front row.

I can't even count how many times I wished that had happened in games...alas, it never did...clearly

So why bother?

Grown men can act like idiots when they play sports. Don't fight with the Ref, it will do you no good. In honor of World Cup.

hahhahahahahhhaha sooooo true.

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!!! There's this one girl on my team who does it more than anybody I know.

someone once missed the ball and kicked my ankle. i wasnt laughing when i was in crutches for 3 weeks LOL