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Avatar The Last Airbender. ♫Chakras, chakras, everybody loves chakras.♫ Chakras chakras eat them up yum!

The Boulder - Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra: Image Gallery

The Boulder remains one of my favorite characters. I sincerely hope he's mentioned in a Legend of Korra episode.<<< The Boulder hopes so too.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender name meanings << actually if you write Zukos name in Chinese it reads reclaimed honor

What we can learn from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" characters. There's so much more to learn from each one of them, but this is a good start. :) I love this show because of everything you can learn from the characters

Aang and Katara as adults

makaveli-wisdom: “ zuzusexytiems: “ Kataang family bits by Aleccha ok i’m not gonna lie. This is hella fucking cute and I’m kind of squealing.

Hands of the elements

cherry-and-also-bomb: “ hermioning: “ tulips-and-chimneys: “ thejamesboyle: “ lokezandtokez: “ Earth, maybe? ” Air hand ” earth hand most def ” fire hand I am so cool ” Water hands ” same ^

Avatar Fangirl by ~iSk8er95 on deviantART. The very true and sad story of my life.

Avatar Fangirl - avatar-the-legend-of-korra Photo -It's SO true!

THE BOULDER thinks this place could use more Avatar - Album on Imgur

Aang and Zuko! Actual concept art by show creators from comic con! Too bad Zuko let his hair grow long again, though.