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Lilo is hawian for lost and so lilo and stitch means lost and put back together  I just saw this on another pin I don't know if lilo actually means lost

Lilo and Stitch - My cuddle movie with Ian, whom we called "Stitch" when he was a toddler because he had an equally "high badness level for someone his size", but was also adorable beyond. This movie still makes me LOL!

One of my favorite parts in Lilo and Stitch!

I went into the ceramics class at my school so my friend could pick up a project. While I was waiting, I saw a pot that said "my friends need to be punished" along with the little pickle jar of voodoo dolls. In my head I thought "Yaaaaaasss guuurlll!

The hero we all need

This is why Stitch will forever be my favorite Disney character: Deep down, he is the symbol of childhood and the secret desperate wish to have superpowers (not that Batman had any).<<<Haha yeah me too